Guardians in the Metahuman

Blast from the past: Here are some of my Guardians tales, which have been going for decades, when they appeared in Metahuman Press.

1) Seduction

2) When Gods Fall

3) Damned and the Dangerous

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Oldest, Most Genetically Intact New World Skeleton

Adding this Naia article here as research for my next Drake novel:

Oldest most complete, genetically intact human skeleton in New World

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Lost Maya City Mapped

The Lost Maya City of Noh Kah Has Been Mapped, via modern technology. Hooray! Kind of… as I have stated for many years.

Though it is a city still “eaten by the jungle,” we can now see the architectural groupings and layout of the city using advanced technologies and aerial photography.

This new trend is one of the most exciting and possibly dangerous in archaeology. We are now discovering ruins worldwide at an astounding rate using satellite imagery. During the Gulf Wars utilizing our spy satellites we revealed hundreds of lost cities and fascinating unknown sites in the Middle East, for instance. This, though, exposes them to looting before teams of archaeologists can ever get proper expeditions funded to reach them and begin the laborious task of excavation.

The same goes for these sites. For decades sites throughout South and Central America have been looted. likewise, in recent years Egypt has fallen into a new era of looting and heavily vandalization. It is tragic. This is simply one of the downsides of advanced technologies that makes archaeologists’ jobs easier. They also makes the criminals’ job easier.

Hopefully we can get more robust international oversight and protection of archaeological sites. It is our only hope in preserving the past when we can now perfectly and quickly locate anything with our modern devices.

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Saturn’s Spokes

Seems the Mysterious ‘Spokes’ in Saturn’s Rings Are Still There.

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Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Wolf


I recently read The Door Through Space, by Marion Zimmer Bradley. It should have been titled instead Wolf or Wolf Hunting.

Nevertheless, it was one of her supposedly stand alone novels. I have read many of her books over the years, some singles and some series, both Arthurian and Darkover, but never this one. She was an early favorite of mine when I started reading SF/fantasy, and my mother’s first choice when I discovered the legend of King Arthur. This book is one of her “other” titles, which is the types of lesser known titles I am reading now from many different authors.

Nevertheless, this book seems to be either a forerunner to Darkover, or at very least to take place in the same universe. It mentions Darkover directly and also incorporates many of the aliens, technologies, magicks, and natural phenomena that occur in the Darkover series. I asked around a few different social media outlets but so far no one knows this book or if it is directly connected with the rest of the Darkover series. I have not read them all and fear I will have to reread the entire series now to explore her universe fully.

If anyone out there knows the answer or is aware of a Marion Zimmer Bradley study which covers these topics, please let me know. I would be thrilled.

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Spring Hedging

Spring Hedging

When Spring has sprung fight back
Like the warmed-over death of winter
Keep pruning back the bushes
Trimming tags, straighting curves
Enforcing strict geometry
Until you cut out every bit of wild
So your yard is just as tame
And controlled and square
As you are

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