Castle Eko Atlantic

Been talking about this for decades, as the superrich build neocastles around the world, citystates walled off from reality and the stinking masses (even from theri esoteric demands such as freedom), complete with designer islands like in Dubai.

Here we see these neomedieval models moving onto a new continent ripe for further exploitation:

New, privatized African city heralds climate apartheid


This is a very disturbing, yet very predictable trend.

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Orange Death Star

Who knew the Death Star would be orange?

Orange Dwarf Star Set to Smash into The Solar System


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Darke Day

In a twist on the schedule for the Knights comic books out of Queen City, we have decided in the last month to backtrack a bit before issue #262 and put out a miniseries on Darke Day and the war in hell. This will explain things and form a solid foundation for new readers so they can easily pick up the current events thread and follow along as we barrel into creating the New Knights series in the New Year.


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Monkey Head Nebula


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Nursery of Twin Stars


Astronomers ID Gas Spirals as a Nursery of Twin Stars

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Amphipolis Up-To-Date

Fascinating examination of an archaeological site.


Amphipolis Tomb Timeline

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Aldora’s Toast

In honor of Aldora, who in my childhood taught me how to eat certain foods in certain ways, I will now make toast and cut it into four long strips, so that I may dunk them into my soup.

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