Paul Drake’s Dilemma

Last night I watched a great Perry Mason. “The Case of Paul Drake’s Dilemma” (Season 6, Episode 3) was one which my Dad would have loved, because it showcased some of the hardboiled side of Drake. When he got punched by a guy he didn’t like, he just grinned and said, “I’m glad you did that!” before laying into him. Now, that’s my Dad.

Drake, of course, is the private investigator that Mason uses almost exclusively in the series to help solve crimes. However, in this episode, we had Drake working a private case of his own in which he gets framed for murder and so Perry Mason comes to his rescue as his lawyer. It was nice to see more of his activities and devote a little more time than usual to his side of life.

Plus, it ends with this awesome scene where Perry allows his morals to kick in the teeth of Mr. Dameron, an asshole client.

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Queen City Halloween Update

So, I’ve finished writing a collection of tales for the QC Halloween anthology. My partners in supercrime, David Abernathy and Mike Hill, are finsihing up their stories. Plus, most amazingly, we found someone to do art for it, which is underway.

So soon… very soon, you will be able to enjoy a Queen City anthology of Halloween stories.

Can’t wait to get this out!

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Ruins on the Shore of Time


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Time for Destruction

What if time runs opposite what we think and the reason we only find ruins and extinction in the past is because we destroyed the world?


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Stellar Tapeworms

Just found a copy of one of my SF short stories I thought was lost about a decade ago. It was part of a collection called Tales of the Cult-Ex. This one was about stellar tapeworms. So happy I rediscovered this story. I lost most of my writings about 10 years ago. Terrible shame.

Think I might put this out in e-version. Hmmmm.

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Cover Reveal for An Improbable Truth

The publisher revealed the cover the other day for the new Sherlock Holmes horror anthology. Won’t be out until next month, but here is the cover.


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Queen City Comics Halloween Anthology


So excited to be back in familiar territory writing new tales for the forthcoming Queen City Comic Books Halloween anthology. Private Graves remains my surprise favorite character to write. However, this year, beyond the usual superheroes, we have created a whole new sideline of noir mysteries. These are great fun to write and are so stylistically unique that they are a breath of fresh air. I think you all will love them as much as we do.

The Queen City Universe has turned out to be one of my all-time favorite creations. I love exploring it!

Can’t wait until October!

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