Monkey Head Nebula


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Nursery of Twin Stars


Astronomers ID Gas Spirals as a Nursery of Twin Stars

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Amphipolis Up-To-Date

Fascinating examination of an archaeological site.


Amphipolis Tomb Timeline

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Aldora’s Toast

In honor of Aldora, who in my childhood taught me how to eat certain foods in certain ways, I will now make toast and cut it into four long strips, so that I may dunk them into my soup.

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Gold of the Ancient Panamanian Civ

I am placing this here as a reminder both to the public about the forgotten civilizations of the Americas (often simply overshadowed by the “popstars” of the area, like the Aztec or Maya) and for myself as another link in my background research for several of my books.


Penn Museum Exhibits Spectacular Finds from Ancient Panama

Also check out these new finds in western Amazonia.

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70,000 New Alien Worlds

Now that’s what I am talking about:

ESA Spacecraft Could Find 70,000 New Alien Worlds

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Guess who is coming to Queen City?


Writing a new Gryphon story for QC Comic Books. Oh, yeah.

Been looking at all kinds of ancient carvings and modern drawings of griffins. Having way too much fun.


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