Sushi Bar, Table For One

Raw sadness
Served with rice and seaweed
Splash of hot sauce memory
So this is why
Restaurants have corners
With koi grafitti

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Open Maps

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The Inka Reigns Over Inti Raymi


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George Hunt Native American Mask


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Ancient American Aborigines?

I’m reading a book on ancient American (N, Central, and S) Indian tribes for a forthcoming book project when something occurred to me. Looking at pictures of the Ica tribes of Colombia, they seem to look very much like Aborigines.

So I got thinking about the arc of Aboriginal tribes around the Indian Ocean from Africa to Australia, that they were in fact the first great seafaring culture, and then how the offshoot Polynesian culture later conquered to the entire Pacific. We already know the Polynesians reached the western shores of the Americas, but I got to thinking, what if instead of two there were actually three major migrations into the Americas: first Aboriginals, later supplanted by Asiatics, later supplanted by Europeans. This could also be why there are remnant looks (like the Ica) and perhaps why some oddities exist such as in the early Toltec carved stone heads that look African. What if they are in fact portraying an early Aboriginal culture?

I suppose genetics research and more archaeological discoveries will eventually root out the truth. But an interesting thought this morning.

Ahh, further looking online just uncovered this article by Jacqui Hayes:

Did Australian Aborigines reach America first?

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Alexander Drake and New Pulp

The New Pulp boom is giving me new hope. I had about thrown out my Doc Savage fan fictions, inspired heroes, and all the Doc Savage-esque pulp stories I had written over the decades. For instance, concerning my premiere Doc-like character, I haven’t worked seriously on the Alexander Drake tales since the 1990s. Back then every time I asked about Doc reprints or the possibility of a Doc movie or comic or…. it was always shot down and mumbles of legal tangles and infighting amongst corporations made it seem an impossible task to ever see Doc Savage in print again. I even attempted to get the lawyers controlling the Lin Carter estate to let me create new Zarkon adventures, but they were not interested. I threw in the towel and gave up.

However, things have dramatically changed and I have renewed hope. One, Doc Savage himself has returned in a limited run of new/old Wild Adventures from his estate curator Will Murray. Secondly, Doc Savage comics and movies are being produced. But the third part is much more interesting.

Over the years writers have grown equally tired of the legal morass, and so either by way of nonfiction books studying the classic heroes or the likes of Win Scott Eckhart’s continuation of the Wold-Newton factions from Phillip Jose farmer, or by the creation of fanfictions and knockoff characters pulpdom has continued. Now though, with the advent of epublishing and the coincidental public domaining of many early characters, the New Pulp era has blossomed

New Pulp characters have emerged, like The Rook, Domino Lady, and Lazarus Gray, plus many old ones have returned like The Avenger, Honey West, and Secret Agent X. I was especially excited to run across what Barry Reese was doing with his Reese Unlimited imprint. He is merging all his characters into a single continuity or universe and people can now marvel at team-ups featuring Assistance Unlimited, the Rook, and the Dark Gentleman all in a single adventure.

This seems a prime time to return Alexander Drake to the mix. His adventures had spanned the 1970s-1990s, with only notes and musing from them on, plus his world had at one time been intricately connected to my superhero universe. I have separated the two realities decades ago, but now I wonder…? Nevertheless, the similarities between what they are doing now and to what I had created on my own back in the 1970s, when I naively thought I was the only person who loved Doc Savage enough to create a hero in his image, are profound and exciting.

Pay heed, world, it is time and criminals beware: Alexander Drake and his team are about to return.

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I Forget

every day
I remember I forget
more or less less is more

[c 1/21/2014 thomas fortenberry]

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