Rebirth 2020

After a long hiatus, I am returning to

It’s been four years since I posted regularly. Much has changed in the world, yet tragically much remains the same. Though these are indeed dark days, I continue to believe that humanity prevails, society evolves, and individuals find joy. Shall we continue our intellectual journey? So many worlds to explore!

We have precisely the amount of time that we have. Let us imagine, and let us create…

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Enter the Mirrormaze

I am pleased to announce that our Dreampunk anthology Mirrormaze is now available for preorder. Mirrormaze: A Dreampunk Anthology eBook: Jones Jr., Cliff,  Jones Jr., Cliff: Kindle Store

“We find ourselves in a very strange place.

“Technology is embedded so deeply in our lives that it no longer feels separate. It’s taken for granted, like breathing. Whatever can be imagined can be experienced, if not in the “real” world then somewhere else. Somewhere better. This is our new reality. We live inside our heads, in our dreams.

“Come navigate a labyrinth of visions, illusions, nightmares, and fantasies. Explore the nascent genre of dreampunk with 22 of its finest authors as they examine and transform the dreamscapes that we call our lives. Get lost among the twists and turns, ascending to the upper limits of both wonder and dread.

“Do you dare enter the Mirrormaze?”

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New Golden Age for Archaeology

I have been thrilled by the boom in archaeological discoveries in recent years. As I have discussed elsewhere, this has largely been driven by the increasing sophistication of technologies, such as satellite imagery, LIDAR, and supercomputers that allow everything from environmental modeling, to the reconstruction of ancient buildings, and the AI decoding of languages.

These discoveries have been especially evident in the truly astounding revelations in the Maya world of tens of thousands of new cities with hundreds of thousands of new buildings discovered. Likewise, satellite revelations coming out of Egypt have been remarkable–especially given the longheld sigh that “everything major and important had already been discovered there.” Likewise, one of the positive notes coming out of the grim decade of Central Asian wars was the use of satellite tech to uncover ancient cities, roadways, waterways, and other long hidden structures.

Underwater discoveries have also been astounding, with submerged cities being discovered from the Mediterranean Sea to India, hundreds of shipwrecks in the Black Sea being mapped and explored, and ancient paleolithic hunting sites and megalithic structures found along the floor of the North Sea. The search has only just begun, as we start to look at submerged lands from Indonesia and Madagascar to the new continent off the coast of New Zealand.

I am so excited new books and TV specials are emerging that cover everything from the latest DNA studies of mummies to the updated studies of the impact of environmental, pandemic, and dietary/genetic health of ancient peoples (such as The Fate of Rome, by Kyle Harper.) This presents a much clearer, more rounded view of the decline and fall than was ever possible before.

Whereas before archaeological discoveries often relied on educated guesses, great hunches, and sheer luck, now we can peer beneath desert sands, jungle canopies, or even oceans, to uncover archaeological sites, so that we can focus our work. This has allowed the dawn of a whole new era of discovery. I believe this is truly a new Golden Age for archaeology.

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Rediscovering Lost Civilizations and Found Adventures

I have successfully moved my old review series, “Lost Civilizations and Found Adventures,” back over to my website. It ran in 2017 on Bibliorati. LCFA has it’s own heading now (see above) and most of the older reviews are here.

Hopefully I will be able to add new entries to the series soon–as time allows.

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Doubts Like Broken Strings

A thousand times a thousand
Doubts broke their strings
And fell off my tripping feet
Trying to weigh me down like forgotten luggage
In the empty station of late
Trains and dreams
Without arrivals, without destinations
Only they did
Not succeed and after that fail
I dead-lifted the mountain of weight
Less fear and rose again
To roar and soar
Out of down down downtown
Into the effervescent air
Of there and tomorrow and thanks
For this season of cheers

(TCF 2020)

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I Want to Talk You

I figured out our communication error
We don’t actually know how to talk
To each other, enjoy each other
Verbally, idea to idea, word to word
Because all we’ve ever done is make love
So now all I have to do is you
And me and us in conversational tones
Enjoy the flow and surge and ebb
Relax into breathless moments
Between jokes and stories
About you and me doing oral

[c 2016 Thomas Fortenberry]

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Your Smile

Echo of laughter
Hanging the night sky with love
Smile of crescent moon

[c 2016 Thomas Fortenberry]

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