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Rebirth 2020

After a long hiatus, I am returning to It’s been four years since I posted regularly. Much has changed in the world, yet tragically much remains the same. Though these are indeed dark days, I continue to believe that … Continue reading

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Time for Destruction

What if time runs opposite what we think and the reason we only find ruins and extinction in the past is because we destroyed the world?

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An Utsubo Full of Ideas

If at all possible, I spend my early mornings with hot tea and wife, plus a good book, enjoying the breeze, breakfast, and bibliophilia. This morning I was re-reading Mitsuo Kure’s lavishly photographed Samurai: Arms, Armor, and Costume. It is … Continue reading

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Aldora’s Toast

In honor of Aldora, who in my childhood taught me how to eat certain foods in certain ways, I will now make toast and cut it into four long strips, so that I may dunk them into my soup.

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The Bradbury Monorails

The shortsightedness of society always makes me sad. We sell out our future for present day profit, but by doing so we shortchange ourselves and hobble our society in the long run. Civilization should not advance meekly. Vision is a … Continue reading

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The Travis McGee Knight

“All that remains for the McGee is an ironic Knighthood, a spavined steed, second class armor, a dubious lance, a bent broadsword, and the chance, now and again, to lift into a galumphing charge at capital E Evil, his brave … Continue reading

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