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The New Silk Road

Cool. They are rebuilding/expanding the Silk Road. This will become a modernized Eurasian trade superhighway to help spur globalization across Central Asia and the Middle East. The influx of jobs, traders, customers, and products along these routes might do more … Continue reading

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No Group Is Wise Enough

“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it … Continue reading

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Top Secret Spacecraft Launched

Shhhh. Secret launch. No return date. Robots. Don’t ask, they won’t tell. US military launches top-secret robotic spacecraft A US Air Force unmanned spacecraft blasted off on Thursday from Florida, amid a veil of secrecy about its military mission. The … Continue reading

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Schneier’s Life Recorder

Bruce Schneier likes to scare me talking about his Life Recorder concept. In 2006, writing about future threats on privacy, I described a life recorder: A “life recorder” you can wear on your lapel that constantly records is still a … Continue reading

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Argentina’s Last Dictator Imprisoned

If only America had this strong a court system, a government that actually defended the Constitution and the rule of law, and would do the right thing by putting our last (Bush&)Dicktator in jail as well. Argentina’s last dictator gets … Continue reading

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Jeff Davis’s Bronze Son

A new bronze statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, his son Joe, and his slave boy ward Jim Limber, was unveiled today at Beauvoir, the Jefferson Davis Estate in Biloxi, Mississippi, for Confederate Memorial Day. These things write themselves.

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Devouring the Earth and Hungry For More

The key question comes from Dimas Pena: “”What has all this exploitation brought us?” Peru town copes with being devoured by mine The mile-wide gash grows almost daily with each dynamite blast, slowly devouring this bleak provincial capital high in … Continue reading

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