An Utsubo Full of Ideas

If at all possible, I spend my early mornings with hot tea and wife, plus a good book, enjoying the breeze, breakfast, and bibliophilia.

This morning I was re-reading Mitsuo Kure’s lavishly photographed Samurai: Arms, Armor, and Costume.


It is a particularly informative book because of the close-ups it provides of the inner and outer wear of the samurai era. From bear-covered feet to buffalo-horned helmets, from lords and officials, to archers and lone blades, from lady’s walking attire to Christian samurais to firemen, you can see the details of armor and hats, robes and their materials, even down to the intricate tying of knots. I always discover new details in these readings, and they spark new concepts for stories. It is like having an utsubo full of ideas.

Ahhh, something new to learn every day.

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