Hot Spots in the Great Pyramid

This month has been full of speculations (some scientific and some wild) about a recent anomaly discovered on the Great Pyramid (Khufu’s) in Egypt. Recent infrared scans of the structure unveiled hot spots on one side that are up to 6 degrees hotter than the surrounding stone. Theories range from the enigmatic machines of ancient aliens to the actual burial chamber of Khufu (which has never been discovered).

I would be ecstatic if they have uncovered a new burial chamber. This would be the first major untouched tomb since Pharaoh Tutankhamen. With modern archaeological techniques and technologies, it would be an infinitely more important find.

Here are a few articles on the topic:

Gizmodo’s, “There Are Strange Hot Spots on Giza’s Great Pyramid, and No One Is Sure Why.”

History’s, “Thermal Scans of Egypt’s Pyramids Reveals Mysterious Hot Spots.”

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