Legendary Comedian George Carlin Passes Away


George Carlin (1937 – 2008)

Very, very sad to hear the news that George Carlin is deceased.

As his first album was released the year before I was born, I grew up listening to him and can honestly say he is the only comedian I have stayed up with year after year, joke after joke. I have never missed a performance or book of his. He informed and inflamed my sensibilities quite a lot.

Carlin is one of my all time favorite comics and probably the best American comic ever. I know he was the most intelligent, most rebellious, and non-comformist in my lifetime. Carlin was insightful and inciteful. He constantly poked a stick into the Establishment’s eye. A true rebel. But, he had that certain something that appealed to all peoples and all ages. My children grew up on his Thomas the Tank Engine narrations. He was an Everyman.

He will be greatly missed. Now to go reread all his books and revel in his humor.

Cheers, George! Thanks for all the years of laughter until tears. This bottle of Buffalo Trace is in your honor.

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