Burning Crosses Into the Arms of Students

Talk about IDiot horrors, witness the return of branding courtesy of Creationist extremists.


These people are completely nuts. This is why they frighten me. This is why religious extremists should never be allowed in classrooms.

Here are stories and links about a Creationist teacher burning crosses into the arms of his students. You can’t make shit like this up. Normal, sane people would not even want to make things like this up, much less do it.

Creationist IDiots are demented, extremists, and apparently even perverse creatures. I would say human beings, but that implkies evolution and demeans the rest of us with common ancestry.

The real problem i have with this story is not what he did — I have known evangelical nuts my entire life and their violent, crazy actions no longer surprise me — but that students have been complaining about him and his “teachings” for over eleven years, and the school board refused to act for fear of incurring the wrath of “Christians” until he burned a cross into a child’s arm and they had proof with which to fire him. WTF? Get a backbone people. Quit putting children at risk by allowing extremists to assault them day in and day out. The educational and psychological damage alone should be enough. Do we really need to wait for physical torture to act? These are irrational extemists. Think about it: They deny reality itself and reject all facts. They are utterly delusional and live in a fantasy world where a crucified Jesus walks with dinosaurs.

Do you seriously want these people teaching our children?

Let me remind you what they bring to the classroom.


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