The Chronicles of Doggerland

This is an adventure fantasy action series based on an actual historical place. Doggerland is the name given to the lands exposed during the last glaciation and now covered by the North Sea. During this time the islands of Ireland and England were connected to Europe via Doggerland.

Doggerland is a now submerged, but in the past during the Ice Age is was exposed land. After the Vistula-Wurm glaciation from about 120,000-11,000 BCE, the area warmed and remained exposed (albeit ever shrinking) until it was eventually submerged in historic times, probably between 5,000 and 3,000 years ago. The chronicles tell of the peoples of Doggerland and their battles. Though it is in the vein of a Conan pastiche, it is written in a slightly more historical fiction way.

I love history. I have been working on this off and on for a few decades. It arose from studies of the Ice Age and the fascinating occurrence of the continental shelves in many areas being exposed. Just as with Sundaland in South-East Asia, this is one of the more extensive areas exposed during the low sea levels of the Ice Age. I grew up reading my grandfather’s National Geographic collection and loved studying their fantastic maps. My brother and I used to make up alternate histories/tales and play games on these maps. These kinds of tales come from that fun past we shared having adventures.

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