Speeding Through My Childhood

Just received notice of acceptance into a new anthology. I wrote an essay on Speed Racer for a book, because the self-explanatory subtitle is “Memories of Japanese TV Shows From Today’s Grown-Up Kids.”

I loved Speed Racer when I was a kid. It was one of my favorite shows. Sadly, I haven’t watched it since then. So, in preparation to writing this essay (research you know), I had to re-watch all the episodes of the original Speed Racer.

What a nostalgic blast!

Enjoyed reconnecting with the Racer family, especially Racer X and even annoying Spritle and Chim Chim. Of course, one could argue that the main character of the show isn’t Speed, it is the Mach 5. But, we mustn’t say that. Then there are the nefarious villains, such as Captain Midnight and Snake Oiler of the Car Acrobatic Team! Skull Duggery! Professor Anarchy! Bent Cranium! Or The Mammoth Car!

Go, endless adventures, go!

I really did enjoy re-watching the show–not just as a nostalgic romp, but as an adult. There were so many little things I noticed now that I never realized as a child. I could write a book about it. But for the moment this essay will have to do.

Can’t wait for this book to come out. Wish I could reveal the cover, but it’s not supposed to be seen yet. Soon, hopefully!

Until then!

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