The Kiss of Death

Bush is toxic. When Bush kissed hawkish Democratic ally Senator Lieberman during the State of the Union, it proved to be the kiss of death.

Lamont Defeats Lieberman.

Joe Lieberman lost the primary to a first-time politician, millionaire Ned Lamont. Lamont of course ran as a staunch anti-war candidate. Joe the Fundamentally Wrong Lieberman has made waves in recent years by, well, kissing up to President Bush. He’s chastised the Democrats and warned that any who dared question Bush in a time of war were unpatriotic and threatening to America. He even went so far as to flirt with rumors that he would replace Rumsfeld as Bush’s War Hoss. Just think, he wanted to follow Clinton into the White House. The world is truly bizarre.

But at least he’s gone.

Or maybe not. Old Joe has declared himself independent now that he’s lost (so much for party loyalty, right?) and still running for reelection. See this article on his Round Two gameplan.

Sometimes, like with viruses and vampires, terrible things keep coming back.

As a friend of mine is fond of saying, I think now is the time to put a stake in its heart. Maybe break of the tip. Just to be sure nothing rises from the grave.

At any rate, here’s hoping things consolidate around Lamont and the point is truly driven home on Capital Hill: The war is a disaster and the administration criminal. Change is necessary. Fair warning.

Even though Kagan has a point, Lieberman did not lose because he was “The Last Honest Man.” Also, I hope now we can put aside the “crazies” talk about popular uprisings. By the way look at this photo of “the new face of the people-powered movement.” Do they look like “crazies”?

Powerful, entrenched Senators don’t lose because of a few crazies. They lose because they are losers who have lost touch with the people. They no longer represent the people, only themselves. Anyone, regardless of party, who acts in their own self-interest rather than the nation’s best interests needs to go. Lieberman infamously told Chris Matthews just yesterday that he did not act according to what the people wanted him to do, but only what he wanted to do. Old Joe felt he should follow himself and then pull the people in that direction regardless of what they wanted.

No, Joe. You are absolutely wrong. You follow the lead of the people who sent you there. You do what the people want. It isn’t about you. It is about America and her citizens. When you think only of yourself, you’re just a corrupt old Grand Duke Cunningham.

PS: Loved seeing Kos on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight. Kos needs his own cable TV show.

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