A Lady Called Camille

Here is a great blast from the past — literally. I grew up in the ruins of this storm, as it struck my home town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast when I was one year old. My family evacuated and returned to find most every thing eradicated. You will hear midway through the film that Gulfport, MS, (the town beside where we lived growing up) looked as if it were hit by a nuclear bomb. When I was growing up I took it for granted that every other yard was vacant and filled with slabs, stairs to nowhere, rubble walls, or other strange artifacts. Mt grandfather and I used to fish on the piled-rubble piers and I would play archaeologist and hunt for cool tiles or objects. I thought this type of wasteland was just common place. Wasn’t until I was older and moved to other cities and regions that I realized how bad the Gulf Coast was devastated.

Hurricane Camille was the most powerful hurricane ever recorded. It tore the hell out of the Coast and the economy never recovered. Prior it was called a southern riviera and known as a Hollywood getaway. Afterwards, it was backwards and poverty stricken. My entire life it was devoid of development, jobs, culture, etc. Casinos came in during the late 1990s and started an economic boom, but I was long gone by then. However, I still had family down there and we thought all was well until it happened again. Similar levels of destruction were repeated in the Gulf region with Hurricane Katrina. The region has struggled to recover ever since. Very sad.

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