Mardi Gras, Adieu!


Ahh, another Mardi Gras descends into the Ash of morning. What memories!


But what a glorious triumph this year. It finally felt like a full recovery for New Orleans from the flooding after hurricane Katrina. And those Saints, oh those Saints, finally came marching home. Like kings.

Drew Brees Reigns over Bacchus

Way to go. Simply gumborific!

Here is my favorite quote to sum up Mardi Gras:

“And the glorious Night is approaching–this quaint, old-time night, star-jeweled, fantastically robed; and the blue river is bearing us fleets of white boats thronged with strangers who doubtless are dreaming of lights and music, the tepid, perfumed air of Rex’s palace, and the motley route of merry ghosts, droll goblins, and sweet fairies, who will dance the dance of Carnival until blue day puts out at once the trembling tapers of the stars and the lights of the great ball.”

~ Lafcadio Hearn

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