Jonah Hex Film

Cool. Jonah Hex is one of my favorite Weird pulp characters still around. Ever since No Country For Old Men, Brolin has my vote for any film. Hopefully this will be great. I don’t hold out great hope, though, knowing Hollywood’s history and the fact that a few frames in this trailer seem to show Hex steampunkin’ and Will Smithin’ a Wild Wild West that never existed in his actual books. I’d much prefer a straight western with the weird themes for which Hex was famous.

And then there was Fox. Sigh. io9 asks the correct question: “Did Jonah Hex trade its supernatural storyline for more Megan Fox in slutty period wear?”

Someone on that site commented, “Just looks like an up-dated, more violent, zombie filled version of Clint Eastwood’s character “The man with no name.” So true. But Man With No Name is one of the all-time great mythic characters.

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