Put Your Money Where Your Citizen Is

Robert Johnson brings up (again) a terrible truth: the government just loves to spy on its citizens. They are investing serious bank into accomplishing this goal.

The CIA Put A Ton Of Cash Into A Software Firm That Monitors Your Online Activity

American intelligence communities are interested in your YouTube video, flickr uploads, tweets — even your online book purchases — and for over a year they’ve been laying down some serious cash to get a better look at all of them.

Of course, it is also odd that this article is appearing now. The news is not new at all — the Dubya administration made more happen after the USA PARTRIOT ACT abomination than most dictatorships accomplish ever — and the Wired source they cite is from years ago. nevertheless, have at thee. The more who are aware of the endless war against Americans the better.

PS: Read Corey Doctorow. Orwell’s Little Brother is watching.

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