Becoming What You Are

Lot of worry around in certain circles about the fact that China is a world power and becoming the premiere nation on earth, that this is now the Asian or Chinese Century.

Oooh. Ni hao, Boogeyman!

Seriously — despite the joke circulating some years ago about Fox News becoming a state run propaganda agency for China since Rupert married into the Chinese royal family (daughter Deng Wen Di as in their very own Princess Di, get it, huh, do ya, punk?) — we find all things progressing eastward as the pendulum swings. Change happens.

China at the Forefront of Internet and Soon Computing Innovation?

So, what does it matter?

Inevitability should be met with opportunity. We should board the train if the present and get off on the spaceship of the future. Doesn’t matter if we’re traveling from America, Europe, Africa, or Asia. All roads are human.

Does not matter who is up or down this year, sometime in the future the reverse will be true.

Dùzi h?n è. Eat your thoughts.

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