Putin’s Separation from Reality

Ahh,the arrogance of power. So, Vladimir Putin, the New Stalin, finally overreached. Forgetting the people utterly, he announced the other day that he was returning to the Presidency, after his faux hiatus puppeteering with his underling on the throne.

Then the people reminded him they were still there and newly freed from tyranny. It is rather awe-inspiring to watch a Russian Spring, or to cheese the moment, a Red Dawn. Scary at the same moment though, to watch the flames of revolution being lit in Russia once more. This hyper-nuclear superpower is in a far different league than when the Communist overthrew the government in 1918. The results could be globally destructive this time, rather than a few cities.

50,000 Demonstrate Against Putin’s Election in Russia; Leaders Try to Calm Anger as More Rallies Planned

My favorite part is that Putin is claiming the Russian people are traitors (to the Empire of His Majesty Vlad Putin, I presume) and are merely agents acting on the behest of Hillary Clinton! Lordy, some days you don’t even have to invent fantasy, it just writes itself.

Putin can’t get no respekt!

All joking aside, I pray Putin realizes heis on the wrong side of history and doesn’t attempt a Stalinist purge and iron-fisted brutal rule. I hope he realizes he can’t kill them all, that they allowed him a good twelve-plus-six years of unfettered rule, unlimited graft and corruption with his oligarchic Mafiya/Orwellian spytopia, and that he can retire to his estates and count his stolen billions, enjoying the vast fruits of his old age. It is a far better fate than he deserves or than he left the Russian people themselves. However, if he cracks down and resists the Almighty Change, then he may share the fate of Moammar Gadhafi and other similar overstaying tyrants. The choice is his.

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