WHO Knew?

Speaking of playing with fire, here we go. Still racing at breakneck speed towards pandemic, some groups just can’t wait to get the “golden virus tool” in order to make a more perfect bioweapon.

WHO “deeply concerned” by mutated birdflu research

The World Health Organization issued a stern warning on Friday to scientists who have engineered a highly pathogenic form of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus, saying their work carries significant risks and must be tightly controlled.

The United Nations health body said it was “deeply concerned about the potential negative consequences” of work by two leading flu research teams who this month said they had found ways to make H5N1 into a easily transmissable form capable of causing lethal human pandemics.

The work by the teams, one in The Netherlands and one in the United States, has already prompted an unprecedented censorship call from U.S. security advisers who fear that publishing details of the research could give potential attackers the know-how to make a bioterror weapon.

Trust me, when the WHO is the body calling for censorship and tighter controls over a bioweapon, it is already far too late. The news is already disseminated far and wide in the world of warfare and terror. How else will they keep demanding larger and larger budgets if there is no imminent threat of destruction, nay, extinction to fearmong? This is the same reason we sell all our latest guns, missiles, planes, tanks, etc., worldwide as fast as we can, so we will have something to fight. Hard to make a case for perpetual war when you are the only one with all the weapons.

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