The Bradbury Monorails


The shortsightedness of society always makes me sad. We sell out our future for present day profit, but by doing so we shortchange ourselves and hobble our society in the long run. Civilization should not advance meekly. Vision is a vital commodity we should utilize as a primary resource. We should invest in visionaries, like Ray Bradbury, and not dismiss them as entertainers. The pathetic truth is, we give more money and exposure to crass entertainment like Jersey Shore and Honey Booboo, than to the sciences and thinkers who expand human possibilities.

I was talking with a gentleman the other day about the passing of Ray Bradbury and the vision of SF masters, such as Bradbury and Asimov. My friend Clint mentioned Bradbury’s idea to put public transit monorails throughout Los Angeles. It, of course, never came to fruition, because we would rather defund our infrastructure and outsource our jobs for short term profit.

However, here are a few of the articles on it that are fascinating reads. Still not too late to reinvest in ourselves and create a viable future:

Ray Bradbury Would Have Crisscrossed LA With Monorails

Why the Monorail Failed in LA

LA’s Worst Transit Decision

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