Fortenberry Reviews

Fortenberry Reviews is my review service. It is free. Individuals, agencies, and companies are welcome to utilize it.

For information or to request or recommend a product for review, please email:

Fortenberry Reviews has been in operation for many years now. It’s growth continues to amaze me and your interest in this service is most welcome. I appreciate all the wonderful contacts and interesting items I have been made aware of year after year. Creativity never ceases to amaze me.

Fortenberry Reviews is listed with and used by many review agencies, reviewer websites, book publishers, magazines, and the like. The reviews are published worldwide in an ever-growing web of publications. However, I occasionally highlight one here on my own site as example. For samples of my reviews, you may browse the Reviews category on this site or simply use an online search engine.

I will review almost any creative product, including magazines, print books, audiobooks, ebooks, movies, music, and toys. I work without reservations or restrictions in all genres, styles, levels, and subject matters. This is a censorship free zone. Quality is what I look for in any production. Query if still in doubt.