Lady Incognita

Lady Incognita is a mystery series set in Victorian England, starring a female investigator/spy who uses various disguises in her work. When meeting clients she often wears a Venetian Carnival mask to conceal her identity.

She is independent and independently wealthy and has worked with various governments throughout Europe as both a spy and an investigator. Though she now resides mainly in England, she travels and solves mysteries across the continent.

There is a distinct possibility that Lady Incognita is an ancestor of Alexander Drake, though this has yet to be explored in any of the printed materials.

Lady Incognita officially debuted in print in a Sherlock Holmes story of mine, “The Incomparable Ms. Incognita.” (Published in The MX Book of New Sherlock Homes Stories, XV: 2019 Annual.)

Read of Dr. Watson’s first encounter with the Lady.