Sharlokh and Watt-ZENN

Sharlokh and Watt-ZENN is a series that lies at the intersection of many other series of mine. It is both SF and mystery, but is also part of the new subgenre of the mind called Dreampunk. It is a pastiche of Sherlock Holmes that is based in my future SF UIIverse.

It occurs after the Galactic War and involves a two races–Humans and the reptilian Koror–which were once fierce enemies at the beginning of the War, but are now partners in the rapprochement afterwards. This series explores a partnership between two former military officers, one a Koror detective and one a medical officer. They live and work in the independent Carnon star system, which is in the Imran Cluster that lies on the edge of Humanspace in a neutral or free area between humanity’s governance and the Koror.

Sharlokh is Koror. The Koror are a reptilian race that in the UIIverse is actually the most populous and strongest of all the races in the Milky Way Galaxy. After the Galactic War, the Koror and Humans have an uneasy alliance. Sharlokh is a former military police officer of the Koror Empire who now works as a private detective in the Carnon system.

Dr. Watt-ZENN is a human cyborg. He is a retired military surgeon who was severely injured in the Galactic War. His body was rebuilt with cybernetic systems, including half of his brain which was replaced with a Zygopleural Encephalopathic Neural Net (ZENN). This gives him enhanced abilities.

Their relationship is analogous to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Here is a sample of the short story “The Dragon’s Nest,” first published in the Dreampunk anthology Mirrormaze. Mirrormaze: A Dreampunk Anthology eBook: Jones Jr., Cliff,  Jones Jr., Cliff: Kindle Store