Silverline Comics

Silverline is a shared universe of superheroes.

Silverline was a comic book company I helped create back in 1988-1990 at University with Roland Mann, Steven Butler, and Mitch Byrd. It derived out of Top Comics, our solo venture, which was transformed into Silverline, which was later picked up by Aircel and then Malibu Comics.

The characters and world was a shared universe featuring characters contributed by all of us from our own older universes. Roland and I wrote. Steven and Mitch drew. Life was much simpler back then.

I wrote a comic called Silver Storm, which was part of a larger universe of heroes (including Cat & Mouse, and the Demon.) Silver Storm was originally conceived as both a partnership origin story/duo highlight miniseries and a vehicle to help usher in a larger team comic book series, which would feature many other characters, including the Demon, mentioned above. Silver Storm featured the duo Silver Dollar, a high-tech armored knight errant, and Tempest, a mutant who could control the weather. This first mini-series included the villain Dr. Fear and his minions, Axe and Hunter (these villainous characters were actually borrowed from my older Heroverse.)

Here are a few ancient pictures of the Silverline crew at conventions. I am the longhaired kid (I was the youngest of the guys and I also once had hair) and more than a bit naive in these photos.