The Shadowchaser series is my oldest directly Lovecraftian series. It was created to explore a world full of ancient magic and mysteries, horrifying evil, devils, ghosts, and of course monsters such as Cthulhu and other Old Ones.

The Shadowchaser is Dr. Troy Revexi. He is an American university professor of the occult and makes a living writing research books, very rarely teaching, and investigating dark mysteries. His Shadowchaser title is that which is used by the press in his books and TV appearances and specials. This series is set in modern times, though all of the adventures are his recorded tales–as there is always the revelation in these stories that he is currently missing on his latest quest and hasn’t been seen in months or maybe years, most probably the victim of his constant meddling with ancient evil.

The first published Shadowchaser stories appeared in 1997, in the Lovecraftian journal Mythos Online.

“Black Revelations”

“Shadowchaser” (serialized)