Over the years I have written on numerous nonfiction subjects in a variety of ways. I was a journalist and essayist. I have written articles, columns, essays, and introductions. I have reviewed books and movies. I have written blurbs, back covers, and copy. I have judged literary contests and written items for them. Sometimes these are detailed historical studies and at other times simple opinion pieces.

If you are interested in having me write an article, essay, review, blurb, or otherwise, contact me.

Here is a guest blog I did, “Chasing Sherlock Holmes.”

Here is the opening of an essay I wrote about the horrible destruction of Hurricane Katrina. I was nominated for the Pushcart Prize for this essay.

Here is the beginning of an essay I wrote titled “Detective Pikachu and the Case of the Duplicating Data.”

Here is the introduction to a book, Azsacramerica: The Future of Rebellion and Rebellion of the Future, on the Russian philosopher Azsacra Zarathustra.

Here is a bit of captured lightning in Research Scholar.