Aaron Skullsplitter

Aaron Skullsplitter is a sword and sorcery action adventure series. The main character is a giant warrior– a literal giant, well, technically a half-giant– from the barbarian north of a continent, who wanders the kingdoms, cities, and uncharted regions of his world moving from adventure to adventure. His weapon of choice is a large double-headed battle axe (or labrys, in some ancient cultures). Aaron Skullsplitter is a pastiche of Conan.

The world of Aaron Skullsplitter is actually derived from one of the alternate universes in the Riftverse sagas. Over time I altered it to its own universe, though originally it was a twisted version of Earth called Terra. Terra was originally one of the created battle-worlds of the mad being known as Dark Valor, and thus featured a collection of devolved alien races from across my master universe, such as the Koror and Ashvani, fighting alongside Humans. I decided later on to drop all of that backstory as too convoluted for readers who do not know my own bizarre, multiversal histories. Instead, it is now simply a stand alone fantasy world functioning at about the cultural and technological level of Classical Civilizations.

I may post the original map or portions therein some day, but I would rather hire a profession mapmaker to create a much more beautiful one than my horrible hand-drawn charts.