The Knights are the first and foremost superhero team in the Queen City Universe. Their headquarters is Queen City, North Carolina, USA.

History of the Queen City Knights

The Knights are a team of superheroes which formed during World War II in response to global military and superpowered threats.  They operated in cooperation with the Allied Powers during World War II, then continued on independently following the official formation of the United Nations and the end of war in 1945.

Throughout World War II, the Knights operated internationally, on fields of battle and via numerous temporary bases of operations, though their logistical headquarters was at a secret base within the United States of America. The Knights often used airplanes designed by Captain Redeagle for their missions overseas. His iconic B-17 Eagle plane was their mobile headquarters throughout most of World War II.

Following the tragic events of August 9, 1945, when Seamaster, the Mermen of Mu, Captain Redeagle, and Spirit Boxer were killed attempting to prevent the Crimson Dragon’s nuclear bombing of Nagasaki, Japan, the team took a hiatus.  Several founding members left or retired as one crass newsman nicknamed this period, “The Reckoning.”  The Knights reemerged after a year in solitude with a revamped roster and located in their new permanent home of Queen City within the United States. During this time Tom Rush served as interim team Leader. It was during his term that the conception for and construction on the Knights Tower in downtown Queen City began.

Over the subsequent decades, the Knights have remained the preeminent superpowered team on Earth, until last year when their ranks were decimated during the Darke Day in the War in Hell. Even the Knights Tower, their iconic headquarters which had stood in downtown Queen City for the past forty years, was destroyed by being sucked into the dimension portal that opened at Darke Ground Zero. With only four remaining members, the shocked world has watched the faltering Knights trying to recover during a tragic year some online pundits have called the Second Reckoning, while the press was quick to label it the beginning of a new Darke Age.

Many members of the original team were granted extremely long lives due to anti-aging spells cast by Dr. Darke.

The Classic Roster

  • Supreme Commander
  • Dr. Darke
  • Captain Redeagle
  • Seamaster
  • Gryphon
  • Private Graves
  • Spirit Boxer
  • Tom Rush
  • Gold Guardian
  • Legionnaire

The Modern Roster

  • Supreme Commander
  • Solar Queen
  • Dr. Darke
  • Gryphon
  • M. Possible
  • Huntsman
  • Serpentina
  • Knightron
  • Boulder
  • Entanglement

Here is a short piece called “Thanksgiving Knight.”

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