New Knights

The New Knights are a team of superpowered heroes in the Queen City Universe.

The New Knights were founded one year after Darke Day, following the disappearance and presumed death of most of the member of the Knights team in the hellish realm of the demon lord Dhrell. The team was founded and is lead by Matriarch (the new name of Solar Queen). The New Knights consist largely of new recruits, with a few former veteran members of the Knights serving as a core. The team is headquartered in Queen City, in a new facility, since the famous Knights Tower was destroyed by Dhrell.


  • Matriarch (Solar Queen)
  • Gryphon
  • Private Graves
  • Lazerpunk
  • Sloe
  • Broken Boy
  • Shadoweaver (Darkthief)
  • Knightron
  • Spirit Boxer II
  • Talon

This was a scene with Matriarch on Thanskgiving Day, in the year of her husband’s death.

Introducing Talon in the short story “The Phantom of the Philippines.”

Here is a scene featuring Shadoweaver.