Deep Sea Dawson

Deep Sea Dawson is a public domain character. Dave Dawson is an oceanographer and explorer who is equipped with a specialized diving helmet that allows him to investigate the wonders and mysteries of the seven seas. He often encountered pirates, sea creatures, sub-marine races, and lost civilizations. Along the way he rescued a pet seal named Battler which accompanied him on all his later missions.

D-Mystery Men

He originally appeared in 1940 as Kinks Mason in Fight Comics (Fiction House). In 1944 he was rebranded Deep Sea Dawson and republished in Captain Flight comics (Four Star).

My first Deep Sea Dawson tale was “The Castle in the Deep” published in the anthology Once More Into the Breach (2020).

An excerpt:

Admiral Lawler continued, “We may have finished this war, but we endangered my sailors, contaminated a fleet of ships, made this island so unlivable we just had to evacuate the entire population, and now news of it has leaked to the outside world. First the Japanese fisherman saw the blast on the horizon and several boats were contaminated, then other countries like Australia started reporting on the radiation, and now we know the Russians are here to try and steal the lost nuke.  It couldn’t get any worse.”

“Except if we bring in an outsider like this deep sea diver.” The white-haired man was glaring at Dawson.

The Admiral gave an exasperated grunt.  “Except if we start fighting amongst ourselves.  So, both of you, shut the hell up! We don’t have time.  Dawson is here to help.  He’s not going anywhere.  If anyone can recover that lost nuclear warhead in this dangerous of a situation, it’s him. Plus, he’s had experience with sub-marine races before.  It is why I suggested bringing him in to fix this.  He’s the best.”

“But what if he talks? He likes to run his mouth.”

Dawson shot back, “So do you, Whitewright. Who do you talk to, anyway? I know you aren’t Navy.  The Admiral may have to defer to you, but I don’t.  Who the hell are you?”

“Who the hell are you to question me?” Whitewright shouted. His pale face grew livid and spittle flew from his mouth. He jammed his finger into Dawson’s thick chest.

Dawson thrust his jaw out and grinned coldly. He stared harshly at the man and his gray eyes were suddenly filled with a terrible, grim bleakness.  “The name is Deep Sea Dawson.”  He leaned forward until the man’s finger almost bent double. “You’ll remember me all the days of your life.”