I kept waiting
For forever
To start, but to start
Over and over
I kept my heart
Broken, waiting
For never was it ever
Going to start
So I kept breaking
My broken heart
Over and over
My ever waiting until
I broke forever

[c 2016 thomas fortenberry]

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Bent, Broken, Grown Wild

I have climbed mountain peaks
Chased the sun, clung to the air
Kissed the sky daily
But I discovered true beauty
Deep in the forest
Bent, broken, grown wild
A solitary willow tree
Strong, defiant, embracing

[c 2016 Thomas Fortenberry]

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Bowie Knife

Some days life gently kisses you. Some days it drives a giant Bowie knife through your heart.

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I Open the Door

I open the door
And the windows
And let light in, air in
Beg the day to embrace me
Winging its way into my heart
With birdsong flights of fancy
But every time I turn around
Someone has closed the windows
And shut the door
Scared of wind and bad weather
Or animals and bugs
The scary creep of bad things
That might possibly some day happen
But never seem to when you live
A wide open life
Bathing in sunshine and hope
Knowing that reality
Is better than maybe

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Today I devoured tradition
Held the past closer
Driving into the future
Because some days last longer
Feel like an entire year has passed
Like you, like us
Sleeping, procrastinating
Binge-watching memories
While tomorrow looms
Catastrophic, claustrophobic
Shaken to the core
Until the cork pops

(Thomas Fortenberry, c 2016 new years day)

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Deleting The Outline of History


Sadly, I discovered that Amazon deleted my version of The Outline of History by H. G. Wells. It is still available on several other sites, such as Overdrive, but Amazon cannot tell me why they deleted it after carrying it for years.


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MIssing the Ship to Tekumel

Back in April of 2004 I put out a call for papers on a collection on Tekumel and M. A. R. Barker.

Tekumel is one of the greatest SF/fantasy worlds in creation and I think a great rival to Middle Earth.

Sadly the collection never came to fruition and I could generate little interest in this author or his fascinating world. What really kills me about this was that at the time, though very elderly, Professor Barker was still alive and actively writing on Tekumel, and interested in the collection. If I could have gotten enough contributors, he would have written something for it. He has since passed away. This pains me greatly.

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