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More, More, More Clean Coal Subsidies

Because there is never enough blacklung coal in our lives, Rockefeller wants the clean tech revolution to be as dirty as possible. “He wants it as big as possible. He’s going to just keep working for more and more and … Continue reading

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Best Job in the World

$100K To Blog About Australia’s Reef No wonder they are calling this the best job in the world. Getting paid $100k to kick back in Australia and blog about the reef? Wow. FYI, they are still taking applications until Feb. … Continue reading

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Robotic Gall-Bladder Removal Gets Two Metal Pincher-Thumbs Up

Robotic aid as safe in key-hole gallbladder removal as human assistance A Cochrane Review has concluded that the aid of a robotic assistant while removing a patient’s gallbladder through key-hole surgery is as safe as working with a human assistant. … Continue reading

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Digital Blackhole of History

Websites ‘must be saved for history’ Historians face a “black hole” of lost material unless urgent action is taken to preserve websites and other digital records, the head of the British Library has warned. Just as families store digital photos … Continue reading

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Fantastic Voyage Reality

Microbot Motors Fit To Swim Human Arteries A range of complex surgical operations necessary to treat stroke victims, confront hardened arteries or address blockages in the bloodstream are about to be made safer as researchers from the Micro/Nanophysics Research Laboratory … Continue reading

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A Chorus of One

Check out this kid’s digital choir production: Go The Distance (HERCULES) Our kids are going to have so much capacity to create anything they want with the explosion of technologies and platforms. The beginning of this one reminds me of … Continue reading

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Crayon Physics

This would be a very cool program to have in every elementary school classroom in America. Crayon Physics

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